Corps Borussia Tübingen
since 1870

Drop by and check it out!

If we have managed to get your attention and entice your curiosity, and you could imagine engaging in a large society, then don’t hesitate to give it a closer look! Why not?


Moving in

Nobody is expected to decide on becoming a member immediately. Just give us your contact details and we will be glad to invite you to our parties, seminars and other events. This way you get to know us personally and get answers to your questions. If there are vacant rooms, you can even move into our house as a guest. In doing so, you have the opportunity to experience our Corps life first-hand for a few weeks. As reasonable as the rent is on our house (compared to the rest of Tübingen), we hope that the decision to join us goes beyond that and rather stems from interest in our society and student life.

Becoming a member

As soon as you’ve decided to join the Corps, your first semester on the house is seen as a probation period. You learn how a student Corps works and who is in charge of the various duties, get to know the background behind our traditions and adapt to the Corps life. You get the opportunity to meet our older members and talk to everyone during the events held on the house. You also get the necessary training in academic fencing. No worries though – you don’t have to be exceptionally good at fencing or very athletic to get through it unharmed! In our view, fencing is not about a duel against someone, but rather a challenge we take on with another person. Last but not least, we get the opportunity to get to know you, too!

Shaping the Corps life

You’re usually a full member after the first semester. As such, you have voting rights on decisions to be made and you’re given more responsibilities and tasks. Every one of us leaves a mark on the Corps in one way or another. We organise trips together, seminars and other events we deem fun, or interesting. Who knows, maybe you just happen to have a great idea you want to try out with us!?


Party with us...

...become the host