Corps Borussia Tübingen
since 1870

Friends for life

Being a member of a Corps is like being part of a big family. You get along with one but need more time to get attuned to another; one helps you with your career orientation and the other recommends a good book or Whisky to you; you have a cup of coffee with one during a city trip, while the other invites you to visit him home, in China. We are proud to say that we are a diverse group of friends, who respect and support each other.


The Old for the Young…

Students could never provide for the maintenance of a mansion as large as ours on their own. To that extent, our alumni members (more that 200) support with membership fees and additional donations. The financial burden is thus shared by many and each one is happy to do his part, especially considering that the alumni used to benefit from the reasonable rent themselves and were able to enjoy their active-periods on the house as students. For those already working, the membership fees are comparable to those for a fitness studio. Over and above that, some Corps-brothers make annual donations to our association.

…the Young for the Old

In return, the young members take on the task of organising regular events and festivities for the members. Besides the financial aspect, the moral, non-material support plays a significant role. The interpersonal exchange between the generations in the course of the events throughout a semester and the high-rate of attendance is appreciated and prized by all; the young students get the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the ‘old’ in all aspects of life, be it university, employment, going abroad, or even love. In exchange, our older members get to keep in touch with the younger generation and enjoy the fervour of youth.

Foundation of the trust „Preußenhaus“

The trust „Preußenhaus“ was founded in 2013, to promote the development of young students. It will mainly preserve the “Preußenhaus” and offer support to young members on the long term, but also support various charitable organisations. The foundation has thus assured the sustenance of its core values by future generations and maintained a tool to reach out to young and gifted students.



Between generations