Corps Borussia Tübingen
since 1870

Striving for change

Besides our studies, we spend much of our free time together. There’s a lot going on at our house and it is never boring! Spontaneous activities, great festivities and all-night discussions inevitably make for close friendships that last for decades.


Action at all times

Life on our house is never boring! You’re always apt to find fellow members sitting together, or friends and guests visiting. In summer, we enjoy barbeques with a great view over Tübingen and the Neckar valley, or drift down the river on our punting boat (Stocherkahn) with a beer or two.
The crackling fireplace in our century-old house makes for a cosy atmosphere in winter, especially with a Feuerzangenbowle (burnt punch) and the film of the same name – a German student tradition! Moreover, the two major events every semester bring many of our alumni members to Tübingen to spend a weekend with us.

Organising recreational activities

Besides our studies, we spend a lot of our free time together. Some things happen spontaneously, like a barbecue, an interesting conversation into the next day, or a hike through the nearby Swabian Alb with a few beers. Other activities are planned well in advance, like weekend trips, festivities, parties, or balls. One of our associated Corps invites us on a sailing trip to the Netherlands, every summer. We also participate in the renowned annual Stocherkahn (punting boat) race. Our aim in the race is not to come first nor last and we usually achieve that. Afterwards, the averted victory and the barely missed defeat are celebrated in style.


While we live on the house and actively shape the Corps-life, we get to learn a whole lot and find out about ourselves in different kinds of situations. We have lots of parties (and organise some), argue with one another, learn fencing together and go on several trips. We like to remember the numerous evenings full of fun and the countless, interesting conversations that often made the nights too short. Many members from near and far like to join us on our main events to catch up with old friends and meet new members. Valuable, deep friendships develop in the course of time, on the house.

Last man standing


Coming into the home straight

Garden party after the Punting Race