Corps Borussia Tübingen
since 1870

Fun today, worry later...?

Preparing for one’s professional, working life can be strenuous and an “average student” tends to neglect, or miss out on doing the required groundwork. We, however, get this preparation for free and see it as an integral part of our life in the Corps. Enhancing personal development and offering our members the required skills to move in different social circles is at the core of our lives.



All the events held in the name of the Corps are planned and organised by the members. So, everyone involved is also responsible for the success of those events. During our weekly meetings, we reflect on the preceding week, plan the next and discuss the tasks of each member; in the process we remain open to criticism and suggestions. We exchange honest and constructive feedback and see that as an opportunity to learn from mistakes, or encourage positive attitude. As we like to say it: the Corps is the last playground for us to try out things and prepare for the “grown-up” life. If things go wrong here there are consequences albeit minor compared to later life.

Learning from each other

We take pride in our multicultural blend of members. We get to meet people with the most different personal backgrounds, heritage, religion and aims in life. Naturally, this evokes conflicts, every now and then, but we learn to deal with that and respect different opinions and views. These interpersonal skills are most valuable in future, working life and social circles.

Outside the box

We are all different and unique. Living in a community with fellow students of different academic and personal interests presents a valuable platform for social and professional competence. Besides the daily exchange over lunch, for example, we hold various lectures and speeches at our place, mainly led by our older members, or attend the same elsewhere. We strive to enhance self-development and broaden our academic horizons.

Team management

Our members get the opportunity to take on responsibility very early on – be it with respect to our daily Corps-life or other events. Older members offer support with their experience from previous semesters. This not only requires organisational and interpersonal skills, but also competence in handling a team, which is often very challenging. We not only learn personal organisation and that of the task at hand, but also leadership skills.